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I am writing to apply for the post of a courier to guide parties of British and American tourists around places of interest in Bad Ems (Germany). As my application form shows I have already guided some tourists groups from New Zeeland in Bad Ems some years ago. I showed them for example the second oldest Casino in Germany the Emser Spielbank and let them try some of the really famous Ems water. Everybody was more than satisfied with my presentation although I was just around 16 years old. During this time I gained a great deal of experience in dealing with difficult questions and presenting historical facts interesting.
I am very interested in the history of our nice city and since my father is historian focused on Bad Ems I already grew up with a lot of background information.
I just got my economics diploma from the University of Bath. Needless to say, my English is nearly mother tongue level so that I will not have any language problems. During my studies I was also a tourist guide in Bath for German and Austrian tourists which was a real challenge for me since I just lived there for less then two years.
To sum up, I just got my Bachelor and want to use my big holidays for earning bit money for my further studies. Consequently I very much hope my application will be successful.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully, YOUR NAME HERE ...

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