In 80 Days Around The World

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Pieces: In 80 days around the world is a science- fiction roman, wich is set in the 19 century. The scene is laid in England and some places of the world. Phileas Fogg made a bet with his reformclub, that he travells around the world in 80 days.
Phileas Fogg is a member of the reformclub in London. His daily routine is over day the same and he wants very gentle sevants. Passepartout, his new servant, has arrived on the same day when Fogg mades a bet with his reformclub that he can travell around the world in 80 days.
Fogg and his new servant start their journey on the same day, but they only have a lot of money with them. in the beginning of their journey everything goes right and they havn?t any problems. But sometimes later they get a lot of problems. In India Passepartout enteres with shoes a moschee, wich is forbidden, but he saves hisself in the last moment. But since then Fix, an English dedectiv, wants to arrest them, because Fix thinks that Fogg has robbed a bank and escapes now with the money. The servant doesn?t know what he shall think of Fix, and so he doesn?t tell it Fogg, but Passpartout is always on the same side as Fogg.
In India they must travell on an elephant, because the trayn stops suddenly in the jungle. On their way through India they save a lady, who would de burne if they don?t save her. Auda, the woman, travells with the others to Hong Kong and there she desides to come with Fogg and Passportant to London. In Calcutta Fix in an other harbour on the steamship again.
In America they go by train, but suddenly they are attacked by Indians who also kidnapps Passportant. But Fogg tries to get his servant again and he has been sucsessfull. Some days later they notices that the steamship to England has departed without the heros and so they have arranganged a boat. They drive by very high speed and so they have too little oil. Fogg ordered to burn the hole ship and so they have arrived England, Liverpool in right time. Fix, who has also been on the ship arrestes Foggand Passpartout for some hours. This hours are very important, but Fix notices his mistake later and they are free again.
That?s why they arrive London minutes later and just as fast go to Fogg?s home. On the next day Anda tells Fogg that she wants to marry him and they call the priest. Passportant goes to the priest and at the same time he hears there are 10 minutes left at Fogg?s bet. Now Passportant runs very quickly home, tells the news Fogg and he arrives in the last second the reformclub and wins the 20000 Pounds.

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