Hispanic Influence on the English Lexicon

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I. Introduction
From the beginning of the world - organized in societies, as we know it today - the linguistic element has always been an extremely important one. Also, one of the greatest signs that can be used as a proof of the on-going development of the society is the language, which seems to have a life on its own: it develops, it changes, it reshapes other forms of expressing, it is influenced and it influences a lot.
In this research proposal I will try to obtain relevant data in order to help me draw a conclusion upon the way in which the Hispanic languages used by the immigrants in the United States of America have influenced the English language there too, by sometimes "imposing" a certain word or expression to be used by the Americans too, even if the word or expression has a Hispanic origin. This happened because of the high number of Hispanic people that live in the USA - with their huge number came also the power to change things, like a majority.
The main question that the research will be focused on is the following: Are there words or expressions of Hispanic origin (like "mosquito" for example) that are used both in Hispanic communities and in American communities in the same situations, meaning the same things - thus resulting the influence they have in shaping the American lexicon?
II. Research methodology
The questionnaire - quantitative method - will be used as an instrument in order to obtain all the data needed. The questions in the questionnaires will refer to all possible areas of knowledge and any possible domain in which there is interference between the Americans and the Hispanics on the American territory.
There will be 100,000 questionnaires that will be given to people older than 21; the full amount of results should be ready in 3 months time, also considering the fact that the questionnaires will be spread all over the American territory - in every American state.
III. Theoretical data
In their book entitled "Language in the USA: Themes for the Twenty-first century", Edward Finegan and John R. Rickford highlight that a census that took place in the USA in the year 2000 showed that the Hispanic population had grown significantly. 
In New York, for example, 29.5% of the total population there were of Hispanic origin; in Pennsylvania, 69.7% were Hispanics; in New Jersey and Connecticut the percentage was slightly above 50 of the total population, and in Massachusetts there were 49.1% Hispanics. Their number increases rapidly and the influence on language is obvious; as revealed in "Language in the USA: Themes for the Twenty-first century", 4.5% in the total population of the United States speak Spanish (page 206), this representing a huge percentage comparing to any other nation or minority in the USA.

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