Heidi By Johanna Spyri

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Heidi is a story focusing on events in the life of the title character, a young orphan, in Switzerland. It was written as a childrens book in 1880 by Swiss author Johanna Spyri. Two sequels, Heidi Grows Up and Heidis Children, were not written by Spyri but by her English translator, Charles Tritten.
The Heidi books are loved by children all over the world, and are the best known works of Swiss literature. [1] The books portray a time in Swiss history which was considered to be innocent and pure.
Heidi is an orphaned girl initially raised by her aunt Dete in Maienfeld, Switzerland. In order to get a job in Frankfurt, Dete brings 5 year-old Heidi to her grandfather, who has been at odds with the villagers for years and lives in seclusion on the alm. This has earned him the nickname Alm-Ohi (Alm-Grandfather - Ohi means grandfather in the Graubunden dialect). He at first resents Heidis arrival but the girl manages to penetrate his harsh exterior and subsequently has a delightful stay with him and her best friend, young Peter the goat-herd. Dete returns 3 years later to bring Heidi to Frankfurt as a companion to a 12-year-old invalid girl named Clara Sesemann. Heidi spends a year with Clara, clashing repeatedly with the Sesemanns strict housekeeper Miss Rottenmeier, and becoming more and more homesick. Her one diversion is learning to read and write, motivated by her desire to go home and read to Peters blind grandmother. Heidis increasingly failing health and several instances of sleepwalking (it is implied that she has inherited a propensity to epilepsy from her mother) prompt Claras doctor to send her home to her grandfather. Her return prompt the grandfather to descend to the village for the first time in years, marking an end to his seclusion.
Heidi and Clara continue to write to each other. A visit by the doctor to Heidi and her grandfather convinces him to recommend that Clara journey to visit Heidi.
Meanwhile, Heidi teaches Peter to read and write. Clara makes the journey the next season and spends a wonderful summer with Heidi.
Clara becomes stronger on goats milk and fresh mountain air. Peter is jealous of Clara and pushes her wheelchair down the mountain to its destruction. Without her wheelchair, Clara attempts to walk and is gradually successful. Claras Grandmother and Father are amazed and overcome with joy to see Clara walking. Claras wealthy family promise to provide for Heidi, in case her grandfather will no longer be able to.
About 20 film or television productions of the original story have been made, including the very popular anime series Heidi, Girl of the Alps, made by the animation studio Zuiyo Eizo (which later became Nippon Animation) in 1974 and directed by Isao Takahata. The Heidi anime was popular all over the world, becoming a huge hit and an iconic animation series in several countries around the world. But the only incarnation of the series to reach the English language was a dub of the ...

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