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9. The weather today is (warmer, more warm) than it was yesterday.
10. She speaks English almost (perfect, perfectly). 11. He wants (me to go, that I go) with him.
12. (No, Not) many students attended the meeting.
13. I didn t hear (someone, anyone) in the room.
14. He gave (her, to her) the money.
15. He told (us, to us) the whole story of his trip.
16. It was really (a, an) interesting story.
17. Listen! I think it (begins, is beginning) to rain.
18. She (does, makes) many mistakes in grammar.
19. I don t know how old (is he, he is). 20. I can do all of these exercises (easy, easily). 21. He often (brings, is bringing) his sister to the lesson.
22. (This, These) books belong to the teacher.
Circle the correct answer.
1. She enjoys. a. swim b. to swim c. to swimming d.
swimming 2. The boys finished the letters.
a. to write b. writing c. write d.
to writing 3. Mary the car yesterday.
a. drove b. drive c. drives d.
driving 4. He did not much last year.
a. at b. eat c. eating d.
were eating 5. She the airplane last night.
a. saw b. seen c. see d.
sees 6. She two books.
a. wanted b. want c. need d.
have 7. He was turning on the light when I him.
a. saw b. seen c. was seeing d.
see 8. Tom a vacation for a long while. a. plan b. have been planning c. had been planning d.
is planned 9. the date? a. When b. Who c. Who s d.
What s 10. books are there on the table? a. That b. How many c. Where d.
When 11. Whose book is that? It s. a. ours b. my c. their d.
her 12. That is the city in the world.
a. biggest b. bigger c. big d.
little 13. Mary want a book.
a. do not b. don t c. do d.
doesn t 14. He to go to the doctor. a. need b. ought c. must d.
will 15. Those books.
a. are b. is c. am d.
do 16. We TV last night.
a. are watching b. watches c. were watching d.
am watching 17. car is that? a. Whose b. Who s c. When d.
Where 18. She dances well. She is a dancer. a. busily b. slowly c. good d.
very 19. This car is more than mine.
a. old b. pretty c. expensive d.
heaviest 20. Jane coffee last week.
a. drink b. drinks c. were drinking d.
drank 21. He English year before last.
a. taught b. teach c. teaches d.
is teaching 22. The teacher the student.
a. hear b. teach c. heard d.
have 23. The student the plane two years ago.
a. flies b. flying c. flew d.
is flying 24. Jack a book last week.
a. read b. reads c. reading d.
is reading 25. The girl a letter last night.
a. write b. wrote c. writes d.
writing 26. Mary ...

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