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b. bought d. is buying 4. He should a new suit.
a. buy c. buying b. is buying d. bought 5. Do you want to a trip to Dallas? a. taking c. takes b. take d. will take 6. Didn t he breakfast this morning? a. eat c. eats b. ate d. eaten 7. They may in their barracks.
a. are c. being b. be d. were 8. Did everyone off his coat? a. took c. take b. taken d. takes 9. I don t to wear my uniform.
a. wants c. wanting b. wanted d. want 10. Did you do your homework? Yes, I did it.
a. yet c. still b. already d. now 11. Have you found the correct size? I haven t. a. yet c still b. already d. now 12. It s nearly noon and he is in bed.
a. yet c still b. already d. now 13. Bob was studying all afternoon and he is studying.
a. yet c. still b. a. ready d. now 14. Would you like anything to eat? No thanks, I ve eaten.
a. yet c. still b. already d. now 15. Book 10 is than book 7. a. difficult c. as difficult b. more difficult d. difficulter 16. This coat fits that one.
a. good c. gooder b. better than d. best 17. Betty has money this month than last month.
a. much c. many b. more d. most 18. Sam didn t write letters this month.
a. no c. some b. any d. not 19. This watch is not as expensive as yours.
It s than yours.
a. cheaper c. cheapest b. cheap d. more cheaper 20. My sisters are than I am.
a. younger c. more younger b. as young d. youngest 21. These two coats are similar. They are. a. alike c. like b. different d. same 22. Does Sarah ever watch TV? No, she watch TV.
a. don t ever c. don t never b. doesn t ever d. doesn t never 23. Did you ever mail a package from the US? No, I have mailed anything from here.
a. never c. not never b. ever d. no never 24. John is not like his brother.
He is different his brother.
a. as c. from b. more d. like 25. He made errors on this test than the last one.
a. much c. little b. some d. more 26. This bed is than mine.
a. softer c. softest b. more soft d. soft 27. Tom will try the race.
a. win c. won c. to win d. winning 28. Sgt. Ramos has to late tonight.
a. work c. working b. to work d. works 29. Do you need for study hall? a. staying c. to stay b. stay d. stays 30. Are you married? No, I have been married.
a. ever c. always b. never d. yet ...

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