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The Gladiator is a historical and full of adventure film, a story brought in the XX century by Ridley Scott who also made Blade Runner and Alien; it was the winner of 5 Oscar Awards in 2001, including: Best Movie and Best actor in a principal role and it received very good critics: The ( (Gladiator ( (is a movie which takes your breath, a capodopera of all times and a future classic. said Steve Irevolino, Launch; A phenomenal film, adventurous and full of action. said Steve Goldman, Total Film. The story: The action takes place around the second century b. C., when the emperor of the Roman Empire is Marcus Aurelius.
The movie starts with a battle in Germany that Maximus, the commandant of the roman army, wins by attacking the barbarian cavalry.
The emperor has a son, Commodus, and a daughter, Lucille, who is a widow and has a son named Lucius.
Marcus Aurelius is very old and he is about to die so he 1 has to name an heir and his favorite is Maximus.
He invites Maximus in is tent and says to him that he was the son that he never had because his son is corrupt and very arrogant, so he wants him to be the next emperor, the next ruler of the world, because the Roman Empire included all the known world.
But Maximus refuses, saying that when the emperor wouldn t need him he would like to go home, at his family, but Marcus Aurelius lets him think about it until sunset. The emperor wanted to give Rome back to its people and stop the corruption and he thought that his son couldn t accomplish this mission but he would understand his decision. But it wasn t so; Lucille meets Maximus when he got out of the tent and she presumes what her father told him and she tells that to Commodus.
Commodus reaction is violent, he comes at his father and upbraids him that he had always hated him even though he had asked the Gods what to do to make him proud of him; after a long argue Commodus gives his father a very tight hug with the purpose to kill him and he succeeds. In that way he becomes the emperor without letting anyone know what was the wish of his father.
Maximus suspects that Commodus killed his father and that s why he doesn t want to swear faithfulness to him and turns his back on Commodus.
He takes that as defiance and orders to his guards to kill him and his family.
Tied by his hands and dragged by the horses he is taken into an isolated forest, but with his fantastic strength he manages to escape the executioners, by killing them.
Meanwhile his family is brutally killed and when finally he arrives home and finds his wife and son dead and all his properties burned his only purpose is to take revenge for his family s death and for Marcus Aurelius death.
He falls asleep on the ground of his house and when he wakes up he finds himself being a slave in Zucchabar, a roman province. After that he and other about 5000 slaves are bought by Proximo, an ex-gladiator which had earned his freedom. He had a ...

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