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George Orwell is a true genie of the political literature. The basic novels of the 20th century were born out of his remarkable spirit of observation and his great social wisdom.
His most famous novels are Animal Farm and 1984. Both are political skits bazed on his own experiences, full of colour, inspired from life and birocracy. Even though, they picture the political situations of those times.
These books were a real success, but George Orwell was never satisfied with any of his books. He used to say about each book he wrote that it is nothing else but a failure.
His true name was Eric Arthur Blair. He was born in India on the 25th of June, 1903, were his father was an inspector for the Civile Indian Service. His mather, Mabel, often called Ida, was of English and French origin. An year after his birth, George Orwell was brought back to England by his mother among with his sister. They left their father, because he had a 7 years mission to comply in India, and in all this time they only got to see him once.
Ida Blair wanted her son to receive a very good education and that is the reason why he was sent at a training school- St. Cyprian s, when he was eight, a school situated on the south coast of England.
The years he spent here were not so happy. Although everybody admitted that he was a great and intelligent student with a high potential, which made the headmistress of the school minimize his taxes, he was crushing inside himself. In that school, he knew for the first time the differences between social clases.
A long time after finishing school, he wrote a book about this sad experience called What a great joy, first published in the Horizon magazine.
In 1916, Orwell gained a scholarship at Wellingtin College, in Berkshire, south est of England.
He only spent 9 weeks here. Afterwards, he transferred to Elton College, in the summer of 1917. Elton was a perfect school for him and he soon began making friends. Here he got familiarized with the popular socialists ideas, which constructed the basics of his way of thinking.
Because his grades were not good enough to earn a scholarship for the university (we was the 117th student out of 140), his father decided that it would be better for him to quit school and start doing something for the empire just as he did. And so he received a place in the Imperial Indian police, in Burma.
Soon, he declaired that his work there is dirty. That is why he only worked there for 5 yaers. When he left he said: I felt like I had to get away not only from the imperialism, but from any sort of domination of a person towards another one. His life as a writer began in London. He wanted to get close to the ordinary people and so he was wearing very dirty clothes and he was taking long walks among the east end of England.
He wanted to reveal their way of life, and most of all he wanted to see if they were really fallen. His observations were linked in the book called Very pour and banned from Paris and London. He wrote: The ...

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