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Because you have begun reading this article, I want to tell you something or rather, ask you: who is your friend or who are your friends? Why did you choose these ones and not others instead? You need them or they need you? Do you see them to be the same friends when you are sad, as they are when you are happy? Because, in my case, it is different. If it is a hot day I have a certain kind of friends I want to meet, but if it is a cold one, they are different. 
Still, there are a few of them that are the same no matter what kind of day it is. Obviously, they all are my friends, but the latter will be called "the good friends." And we will talk about them. 
Have you ever asked yourself why did you choose certain people to be your friends? Or, why did others choose you to be their friend? I think I know your answer: 'because we have something in common'. That is the usual answer. But I ask you further: what kind of things do you have in common? Probably this is the moment when you begin telling me what are the things that you both enjoy, what is it that you want in life, what you expect from the others, and so on. 
I will answer you in a different style: first, it is my friend the man that hates what I hate, the one that finds to be ugly what I find as being ugly. For, if you want to know a man, the right question is not 'what do you like?' but 'what is that you hate most?' Why do I say this to you? Because that's the rule of this game: what drag you near are the hard times that you share. A good friend is gained during your or his hard times. Or, 'a friend in need is a friend indeed', as we all know. Then your relationship will flourish during the sunny days. Just think: you and I will never have something in common or will be close, if we both like cake. But, let us say that we both hate being in the center of everyone's

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