Forest biodiversity

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Motto: The forest is not only a positive value with health, but also for the soul of a nation 
Forest ecosystem level is a small area on the order of tens of hectares or acres , occupied by a single forest biocoenosis .
Forest geographically is a complex whose territory stretched surface can be hundreds or thousands of hectares for geosystem and higher upper units geosystem ( provincial sub area , floors, etc.)
It represents the variability bodies terrestrial, marine , aquatic, continental and the ecological complexes including intraspecific diversity , interspecific and of ecosystems .
Forest biodiversity at global and local level is in constant threat of extinction due to reduced surface area covered by forests, forest fragmentation , climate change and other stress factors .
Equatorial forests are found in the equatorial region , on both sides of the equator ( on average up to 5 ? latitude north and south ) and the Congo Basin , the Amazon plain , northern Australia , and the Philippines .
Flora : the equatorial forests dominated by angiosperms or flowering plants . 
Fauna : rainforests are the most diverse ecosystems on Earth due to the number of animal species. Most are insects , but there are many vertebrates.
The extent of tropical forests are now in South America , Central America , Africa , Southeast Asia as the equator (10 ? latitude north and south of the equator ) of Australia in general area of these forests are stretched equatorial zone . 
Flora : Trees in the rainforest grow as floors, so we can remember six floors of vegetation that can not be clearly identifiable , - the ground is grassy plants , shrubs , bushes.
Fauna is represented by a wide range of animals and birds. Example: gorillas, chimpanzees, jaguar, tiger bengal , toucans , harpy eagle
3.Atlantic forest
Atlantic Forest is a region of tropical and subtropical moist forest , tropical dry forest , tropical savannas , and mangrove forests that stretch along the Atlantic coast of Brazil .
Flora : This forest has been extensively cleared, especially for sugar cane used in agriculture and urban settlements . Debris these forests are estimated to be 7% of initial padurera divided into groups and are often isolated on the tops of hills
Fauna: contains a large number of endangered species , including the well-known species of lion tamarin monkeys and pygmy .

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