Few Things about British People

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England is the largest political and geographic division of the United Kingdom, which also includes Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. About four-fifths of the United Kingdom's population lives in England. Since the end of World War II, there has been large-scale immigration, with people arriving from the United Kingdom's former territories in Africa, India, Pakistan, and other parts of Asia. England has been fairly successful in assimilating its ethnic communities, but racial tensions remain a problem in some areas, particularly in inner-city districts with a relatively high proportion of immigrants. 
English is the official language of the United Kingdom. There are considerable variations in regional accents throughout England. The influx of immigrants has also meant that many other languages are spoken among these communities. 
In 1533, during the reign of Henry VIII, England split from the Roman Catholic Church to form the Anglican Church, which became the established church of the country. The monarch is at its head. The Church of England no longer has any political power, although its archbishops and some bishops still sit in the House of Lords. The majority of the population of the United Kingdom is Anglican, although relatively few attend church. Roman Catholics represent the largest minority. Presbyterians, Methodists, and Jews are other minorities. Numerous other religions are practiced in England, and in many cities there are significant Muslim and Hindu communities. English society is secular, and religious education in schools now embraces the beliefs of a wide range of religions, not only Christianity.

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