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5. In your position I should complain to the manager.
If I were you I would complain to the manager.
6. I shouldn t have told them about it last night.
I wish I hadn t told them about it.
2 1. Wthat s your name and where do you come from? he inquired.
He asked her what her name was and where come from.
2. It is possible for him to be late.
He might be late.
3. Because the weather was fine we went on a trip.
The weather being fine we went on a trip.
4. They didn t invite her because they were still angry with her.
If they 5. We believe you should start leaning. It s high time for you to learn.
6. Perhaps Ann was not informed about what had happened.
Ann might have not been informed.
3 1. People believe that Nick is the best D. J. in town.
Nick is believed to be the best D. J. in town.
2. Mother has sent him a big parcel.
A big parcel was sent to him from his mother.
3. I don t want you to leave, he told her.
He told her he didn t want her to leave.
4. It is unlikely that she believed him.
She can t have believed him/might have not believed it.
5. It is a pity you couldn t come.
I wish you had been able to come.
6. Mike haven t spoken English for ages.
It s ages since Mike last spoke English.
4 1. Where is the lawyer, I must talk to him.
He insisted in talking to the lawyer.
2. They had given me a bunch of flowers.
A bunch of flowers had been given to me.
3. Mary doesn t think that he is such a bad guy.
He isn t thought to be such a bad guy.
4. His car was not repaired so he had an accident.
If his car had been repaired he wouldn t have the accident.
5. The students will ask the visitor some questions.
The visitor will be asked some questions.
6. Perhaps he is watching television.
He might be watching television.
5 1. I couldn t buy the book because I had no money.
If I had had the money I could have bought the book.
2. They prefer going on a trip to watching television.
They would rather go on a trip than watch television.
3. The lecturer addressed the audience in English.
The audience was addressed in English by the lecturers.
4. Bill wouldn t write the report and Mary wouldn t either.
Neither Bill nor Marry would write the report.
5. You must answer all the questions.
I insist that you should answer all the questions.
6. I am quite sure he forgot to tell me to come.
He must have forgotten.
6 1. I have been working on the project for more than a month.
It is over a month since I have been working at the project.
2. George asked her: Will you come to the cinema with us? George inquired weather she would go to the cinema with them.
3. Probably it was already late.
It has been already late.
4. Jane lost her bag because she was in a hurry.
If she hadn t been in a hurry she wouldn t lost her bag.
5. As Peter won the match he was very happy.
Peter was very happy because he won ...

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