Elementary Old Considerations About Absolute

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The relativism is a conception according to which both our explanations about universe and our moral principles are conditioned by place (family, nations etc. ), time (history). According to the realtivism there are no universal truths or universal moral standards. That is, every truth varies with place and time.
Everything flows.
Is there an absolute level of the universe? To answer this questions, we have to know, at least, first, what is the meaning of absolute?
We will suppose that the absolute means something that is: (a, b, c) means that the absolute is something that is valide unconditioned by place, time, or othersomething. That is, something that cannot be invalide. On the ontological absolute The ontological absolute is something that is: 1) wherever.
2) whenever.
3) unconditioned in its being: indestructible, neccessary being.
That is, the ontological absolute is something of which being cannot not to be. Now, the problem is if there is an absolute being or an absolute truth, or if all beings and all truths are relativist? If there is absolute being, than there is also absolute truth.
If there is no any absolute being, than everything flows.
According with science, in the interplanetar space there are microvolumes in which the density of the elementary particles is very low. That is, if the elementary particles would be realy elemetary or fundamental, than the space between elemetary particles, at least in that places of the universe, would be empty. But, even if the space is wherever full of some unobservable particles (strings, superstrings, etc. ), however the filled space has as condition of possibility its empty subspace. The density of matter in space can change, but its subspace or the empty space cannot undergo any change. Every change has as a condition of possibility the space. Every change implies that at least one entity from all the entities of the universe alterates its place. Even if we cannot discover any change without any guiding mark, there can be no any change if the entities of the universe do not alterate their places. But, the space is not a composed entity. The space cannot be conceived as being changed. Only the matter chan change. The space is free of time.
Only the matter is under time.
What cannot change, is not temporal. What cannot be desintegrated or decomposed, cannot be destroyed. The space cannot be conditioned by matter.
But, we do not know with certainity if there is a more fundamental entity of which to be conditioned even the empty space. In conclusion, it seems that the empty space is an absolute being.
It seems that, there is at least an entity that does not flow. But, there are also other alternative asbolute entities? Composed objects do not exist eternaly, cause they undergo decomposition. Some whloes do not exist eternaly, cause undergo desintegration. The hard problem is if the matter is infinite desintegrable. Is there something in the matter ...

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