Economics and Ecology

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It is pretty dangerous to impose to the strength of natural laws, because they are checked and have resisted over time. Living in a developed society, we forget sometimes about the primary values that has left our Mother Nature. According to this meaning, our actual rules and habits are in a great dispute with our environment. 
Generally speaking about the economy, everyone observes that the entire economic system is concerned with raising the revenues, profits and GDP, forgetting in most of cases about the ecology. 
I think that this problem can be divided in two, on one hand - states with a developed economy and production, and on the other - poor countries or those which are in period of transition. For the first case, I think that it is necessary to impose taxes and quotas on different types of products which can pollute the environment and not to permit their serial production. For the second case, I think it is necessary to involve also political power, especially in subventions preventing pollution

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