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DUNE is a spectacular and captivating, and produces a strong impression from the first pages. This book has a complicated plot, full of intrigue and mystery, well developed characters and many questions and problems that we are facing today transposed within its pages. DUNE represents an intelligent, complex, expressive and full of adventure combination of scientific data and fiction. Why is this the best book you have ever read? Explain in detail why you chose this as your favourite book of all time (in about 200 words): The first time I read DUNE, I was fascinated by the unique storyline, quickly deciding that it was a great action book. I finally acknowledged its complexity, at an older age: it is also a political novel, and it presents, in the authors point of view, an answer to the greatest question of all time, religion.
The storyline develops tremendously fast, changing quickly and drastically in a short time. The themes presented are interesting and well chosen, varying from the history of a desert planet, its environment, culture and strange customs to court intrigue and subtle manipulation in a time when all known world is ruled by a neo- absolutist regime, when much depends upon the favor of the Emperor inclining towards either of the opposing factions. The characters are numerous and well created, the heroes and anti-heroes having complex personalities and ideologies; as the narrative unfolded I realized that I liked both. Within this book it could also be found a descriptor of human nature, the moral types presented varying from the scheming Baron Harkonnen, whose every action represents methodical, intentional evil and the fair and noble Duke Atreides, who values honor above everything else, to the weak and truly individualistic Emperor and the proud and resourceful Lady Jessica.
I enjoyed reading it, turning every page with great expectations without being disappointed. I devoured every line and experienced a truly sad moment each time I finished it and had to put it down.
DUNE is a book that I recommend to all types of readers regardless of age, as it symbolizes different things at different stages in one s life.
With DUNE, Frank Herbert won the Nebula and Hugo awards, his masterpiece being declared the best SF novel of all time. I truly believe that he achieved a dose of immortality through his works and visionary imagination. Memorable. Give a clear, informative and brief summary of the PLOT (story / storyline) of this book (novel) in between 100 and 200 words. (If it was a FACTUAL book, write about the TYPES of INFORMATION it contained. ) The storyline of the book begins when the Atreides house is awarded a new domain, Arrakis (also known as Dune), a desert planet and the only source in the known universe of the Spice, a powerful, expensive drug that prolonged life and improved the intellectual capacities of the consumer. Dune was previously a Harkonnen domain, and thus exploited to its limits. The ...

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