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The Lakota, also called Sioux, are a Native American people whose members live mainly in North Dakota and South Dakota in the United States. 1 Most peoples of sub-Saharan Africa have dark skin and tightly curled hair. Many scientists believe these physical characteristics evolved as forms of protection from the intense solar radiation of tropical Africa.
This woman is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 2 The Huli people, who live in the southern highlands of Papua New Guinea, are known for their elaborate wigs. The ceremonial wigs are made of human hair and adorned with flowers, bird feathers, and fur. 3 Many European peoples have light skin and hair. Researchers believe that light skin evolved as an environmental adaptation that allowed people to thrive in northern latitudes. 4 Egyptian Bedouins Bedouins are nomadic Arabs who live in the desert areas of Egypt. Their clothing keeps them cool in the hot climate and is in keeping with their Muslim faith. 6 Quechua The Quechua-speaking peoples of the Andes Mountains live in hundreds of villages stretching from Ecuador through Peru and into Bolivia. 7 Introduction Race Race, term historically used to describe a human population distinguishable from others based on shared biological traits. All living human beings belong to one species, Homo sapiens. The concept of race stems from the idea that the human species can be naturally subdivided into biologically distinct groups. In practice, however, scientists have found it impossible to separate humans into clearly defined races. Most scientists today reject the concept of biological race and instead see human biological variation as falling along a continuum. Nevertheless, race persists as a powerful social and cultural concept used to categorize people based on perceived differences in physical appearance and behavior.
8 Example of Racial Classification Scheme Example of Racial Classification Scheme For many years, scientists devised lists of human races that they believed represented biologically distinct groups of people. One popular classification scheme, shown here, divided humanity into nine major races corresponding to geographic regions. Today, most scientists recognize that human biological variation does not fall into discrete categories and that racial classification schemes are arbitrary. 9 Map 10 Phisicall differences Adaptation to Heat 11 Adaptation to Heat Masai people, who live in the arid lands of eastern Africa, tend to have tall, lean bodies that disperse heat well. 12 Adaptation to Cold Inuit people, who live in the extreme cold of the Arctic, tend to have short, stout bodies that conserve heat.
13 Adaptation to Cold 14 Race & Society Race RACE AND SOCIETY  Based on years of research into human variation, the majority of anthropologists and biologists now reject race as a biological concept. However, the idea that people belong to different races ...

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