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Our company ,,My Holiday" is a tour-operator specialized in the incoming tourism. We are based in Iasi, in the very heart of Moldavia. 
Our spirit is to promote through adapted and personalized tourist products the values of the natural and cultural patrimony of Romania. 
ROMANIA has many tourist attractions waiting to be discovered. In such a vast country, one may try to see as much as possible in the few days available. Our aim is to assist you in planning your trip and to provide all the travel related services that you might need.
Romania offers a wide choice of general and "theme" touring ideas. These itinerary suggestions are just a few of many possibilities: The Black Sea, The Danube Delta, The Montains and The Moldavia and Bucovina.
Holidays in a mediteranean style 
Marvellous weather from spring to autumn and miles of golden sand make Romania's Black Sea resorts the ideal destination for beach holidays. 
One can find everything there: modern hotels and facilities, a busy night-life, a wide range of sports facilities and numerous inland attractions from castles to vineyards. Now, while the country is heading towards a promising future, the Black Sea is coming back onto the European touristic agenda. 
From Wildlife to Watersports 
Altogether, the Romanian Black Sea coast stretches out for 245 km (153 miles) from the fascinating unspoilt natural reserves of the Danube Delta to the leisure activities of numerous holiday centres. Whereas the Delta is strictly protected from intrusion, the southern 72 km (45 miles) area has been developed into a string of beach resorts

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