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Cinema has developed into a very well known place by the young generation while theatre is showing its beautiful sites only to old generations.
We all know that theatre is going to disappear  in a couple of centuries because is not interesting at all for teenagers. Only adults like theatre because they kind of lived in that period of time when theatre was in vogue. They like it because they're not used to going to the cinema because in those years I believe it was expensive going to a movie. Only when you are old you behave formal, you have a serous life and a growned up mind. So only then we act in formal style. That means you like dressing up and I think you won't do that at the cinema, you would do it at the theatre. We, kids, don't usually like being serious, and behaving diplomatic, we only like to make jokes, laugh and do funny things. Well we can't do that in a theatre. In a theatre you must act fancy and when you act in a theatre you act selfconcious. You think at every step you're taking. I think theatre is for classic people. The old generation from nowadays didn't have the childhood we're having now. We usually like violence

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