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You can love something without exactly knowing what that thing is like. This thing can be applied in the case of chocolate, too. Millions of people cherish it very much, but just several have any idea about the place it comes from, about the way it is made or the fact that it has its own history.
The history of Chocolate begins at the time when Spaniards had conquered Mexico in 1521. Hernan Cortes Pizarro, a Spanish conquistador, found Aztec Indians using cocoa beans, an important material in producing Chocolate, in the preparation of the royal drink which is called "chocolatl". He took "Chocolatl" back to Spain and introduced it to the Spanish people. This new drink became popular and rapidly spread throughout the country.
At first, chocolate's recipe was kept secret by the Spanish for many years, but a group of Spanish monks, who had been consigned to process cocoa beans, finally let the secret out. This made chocolate's deliciousness spread rapidly to other European countries such as, France, Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany.
Among the most favorite confitures of the people around the globe, chocolate is considered as one of the most popular v

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