Cauzele Inflatiei in Republica Moldova

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Summary 2
1. Cresterea Masei monetara aflata in circulatie 4
1.1 Datoria si Dificitul Bugetului de Stat 4
1.2 Transferurile de bani de peste hotare 5
2. Cresterea Pretului la Resursele Energetice Importate 6
3. Balanta comerciala negativa 7
4. Procentele bancare inalte 10
Bibliografie 12

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In different circumstances we already have heard about such reality of the society as the high inflation rate. Moldova isn't an exception that is why this problem is one of the prerogatives of the National Bank of Moldova.
There are a lot of motives that cause inflation in Moldova. Many scientists support the opinion that there is a lot of money in our society. When people have this money, they are able to buy a lot of new things in the situation when their quantity remains the same. Thus, if the demand grows and the supply is the same the prices have the tendency to rise. It can be created through more methods. First of all, everybody knows that Moldova has many debts and, unfortunately, every year they grow higher and higher. It means that these debts must be cover with smth. Consequently, the NBM makes out more money.
On the other hand, the assignment of money from people who work abroad also can create some problems with inflation rate here. The statistics offered the information that 70.3 % from the all transfers belong to people who sent money to their families from foreign countries.
It is an open secret that Moldova doesn't have its own mineral resources. It means that it must import them from other countries. After all, the prices at these resources are always growing and it involves the rise of the price, practically, to all goods and services.
I totally support the opinion that the increase of the import also creates inflation in Republic of Moldova. We export not so much because we don't produce a lot of things and our goods aren't competitive on the international market. We already have some defeats as a result of Russian embargo put on our wines. That is why we must do everything possible in order to produce more quality goods.
And finally, I have a feeling that if our rate of interest on deposits were lower, we would produce more. For people who have money it is easier to put money at deposit and to take the interest rate than to produce smth new.
From my point of view if we could attract money that is in society we could partly resolve the problem of inflation in Republic of Moldova. The companies could attract funds for investments, for producing and for salaries. I don't think that the rise of the salary could stop the inflation because in such a case the prices would grow much higher.
Unfortunately, we can do nothing because it depends on the macroeconomic politics.

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