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The nature & objectives of our business
The company "Black Cyprus Software" that we intend to found will activate mainly in the IT area providing the following services:
-  3d design:
1.designing 3d projects of houses, parks and other architectural places
2.3d advertising clips
3.3d plug-ins for different software
4.other 3d applications on request
5.designing the 3D graphics part of games on request
-  web design of sites on request
-  networks:
1.configuring networks
2.establishing security systems for networks
-  account  applications
For the beginning we shall activate only in the 3d design &web design area. The other departments will be created in the following years.
We graduated from the Faculty of Automatics of the Technic University. The knowledge gained there will be vitally important in our work. We could say that have experience in this area, because we have created the Cyprus player, an application that supports the most media formats.
Our company will be organized as a public limited company. 
We think that in a few years we shall be appreciated for the quality of our products and become a serious competitor on a growing market, as it is nowadays in Romania. We will integrate the newest technologies and, also, develop our own technologies for the company' s activity.

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