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We would like to present you the business plan of our company!!!
1)The name &objectives of the business
The proposed business is focused on organizing a clothing clothing department and a team of managers to manage the entire business.
Basic activity is manufacture and marketing of textile clothing for women.
 The mission of business is to produce and market quality products on intern and foreign market in order to continually improve the perception that customers, employees and associates will gain about the activitys' quality.
 Our company provides office and casual clothing items such as costumes, day and evening dresses for women of all ages; also our staff cand make clothing items on demand.
Our comapany uses top quality materials in order not to disappoint our customers.
The company will introduce the annual 4 types of products based on fashion trend and consumer requirements.
2) Personnel
To get started,the organization needs resources. These resources are : materials, financial and human resources; the human resources are essential for the company, and only their recovery could lead to the success of the entire company.
The organization staff insurance includes several basic activities, namely: human resources planing, staff selection and recruitment. Planned staffing consists in general manager, commercial manager,human resources manager, accountant and 10 workers.
 The company staff are young, innovative and is able to make custom clothing items and supporting women who want a custom outfit.
3) The product/services in relation to the market
Style & Fashion will provide clothing items at an affordable price in order to provide the opportunity of having beautiful and fashionable clothes.
The target customers will be the ladies with age between 15-50 years old.
Our competitors are the companies which have the same activity as ours.
Our company has 3 shops from where customers can easily buy our products.
4) Premises
 Style & Fashions' factory as well as a retail shop are placed in Bucuresti, and the other 2 shops will be placed in Sibiu and Constanta. We chose Bucharest, Sibiu and Constanta because they are important commercial centers and for a better activity, the buildings will be the property of our company.
5) Equipment required
 The company will need 6 computers, 6 offices, 4 libraries, 10 sewing machines, 20 chairs, clothing material, 2 ironing machines , 2 cars that will be used to transport the materials to the factory and clothing items to the shops.
6) Sales forecasts
 Style & Fashion makes top quality clothing items at favorable prices, wich will lead to a large number of customers, therefor the financial outcome for the first year will be a positive one.
7) Financial profile
For start this kind of activity we will need about 400.000 Ron.

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