Business Communication

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Introduction 2
1. Business communication in the internet age 3
2. Internet business communication analysis 4
3. Benefits of the internet for business 5
4. Differents barriers in business communication 7
5. How has the internet affected business 8
6. Strategic risks associated with business uses of the internet 9
7. Tips for better online business communication 10
Conclusions 13
Bibliography 14

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The transmission of the internet has revolutionized the business arena. The use of the Internet is changing high-tech marketing overnight while different industries have been trying to use it as part of their marketing strategy. It does not only reconfigured the way different firms do business and the way the consumers buy goods and services but it also become instrumental in transforming the value chain from manufacturers to retailers to consumers, creating a new retail distribution channel. Website development is a powerful tool used by different business organizations around the world. It is defined as the process of achieving business objectives utilizing electronic communications technology.
In addition, the Internet has brought about many changes to the world, particularly on how contemporary businesses are being operated. Due to this technological progress, product development became faster and better and business processes are more systematized. Indeed, the introduction of the internet to several industries has paved the way for greater progress in the future. In the music industry, the use of the internet has been an important marketing aspect, specifically in business communications.
1. Business Communications on the Internet
Businesses can communicate efficiently and inexpensively on the Internet. 
Businesses require timely communications with their employees, suppliers, customers and investors. With the global reach of the Internet, businesses are able to achieve their communications objectives faster and cheaper than ever before. With over two-thirds of the U.S. already connected, and more of the world gradually catching up, businesses are constantly reconfiguring their operations and communications strategies to be Internet-ready. 
- Employees
Businesses often use intranets, which are local networks with restricted access, to communicate with their employees on company developments such as new product launches, human resource matters such as reorganizations and layoffs, and to solicit feedback. These intranets, which support standard communications tools like email and social media, also allow employees to communicate with each other.
- Suppliers
Businesses communicate with their suppliers for just-in-time procurement, new product set-ups, or to get feedback on existing products. The Internet tools include email, interactive websites, and more complex enterprise relationship management tools such as Supplier Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management applications.
- Customers
Businesses communicate with their customers on products, marketing and sales. They need to be able to process online payments at their e-stores, and receive feedback and requests for technical support on their products. They use email, social media and customer relationship management applications to achieve their communications objectives.
- Investors
For a publicly listed company, communicating with the investment community is part of doing business. Using email, social media, webcasts, podcasts and interactive websites, a company can communicate financial information to shareholders, provide disclosure documents to regulatory authorities like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and help the investment research professionals analyze their stock.
What Is the Role of the Internet in Business Communication?
The role of the Internet in business communication is varied and has come to be of great importance. It can be used to increase effective communication both internally and externally. Use of the Internet can make it easier to connect with others quickly and more often, in addition to exchanging a wide array of media types. It can be used to communicate purchase information to vendors and by customers to ask questions. The factors that make the role of the Internet in business communication important can also cause conflict, depending on the way the medium is used.

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