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After graduating from Duke University, Tennessee-born Randall Wallace relocated to Los Angeles and began writing novels. Within several months, he had landed at Stephen Cannell Productions as a producer and writer. Wallace went on to work in those capacities on the series J. J. Starbuck (NBC, 1987-88), starring Dale Robertson, the short-lived Sonny Spoon (NBC, 1988), with Mario Van Peebles, and Broken Badges (CBS, 1990-91). A Scottish vacation led Wallace to make the transition to the big screen. While visiting Edinburgh, he learned of the 13th-century adventurer William Wallace, who led a revolt against English rule. After further research, he penned the script for Braveheart (1995), which caught the attention of Mel Gibson, who directed and starred in the epic. Wallaces screenplay won praise from critics, enthralled audiences and earned nominations for both the Writers Guild of America Award and an Oscar. In the year 1276 there was war between England and Scotland. In Scotland there was no king, and so Longshanks, the English king, wanted to choose a ruler for Scotland, but so did the Scotsmen.
William Wallace lived with his brother and his father in a Scottish valley. But one day, the Scottish rebels attacked the English, and in the battle Williams brother and father died.
Years later, William met his fathers friend Old Campell and his own best friend Hamish in a valley called Lanark. William met also Murron there, a young woman, and fell in love with her. But one day an English soldier made fun of her, and when William wanted to help her, he beat English soldiers sitting around there. One soldier shouted that he was a rebel. William ran away fast and saw Murron escape. But the soldiers caught her, and one of them, hassling, cut through her throat. So Murron died.
In his anger, William rode with the rebels against the English soldiers. The batlte was short. Nobody could stop Wallace and his angry followers. From this day on, every day Scotsmen came to fight with William against the English.
Then there were a lot of battles. One was at Stirling Castle and the English were many more than the Scots. But the Scots had secret weapons: spears, twice as tall as a man. They pointed them at the horses of the English.
So the Scots won, and the English had no army anymore in Scotland. After that battle, Wallace was famous all over the land. Soon he was the First Lord Of Scotland. He couldnt be the king because he was not noble and also because he don t want to.
During that, Longshanks came back from France to London. He was very angry and quarrelled with his son Edward and with Edwards friend Peter because of the lost men. In his anger Longshanks threw Peter out of the window and kicked Edward until he was almost dead. Longshanks thought about making a truce with the Scots and sent Isabella, Edwards wife, to speak to William Wallace.
When William saw Isabella he thought of his dead wife. Isabella knew the story ...

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