Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley was born in 1894 in Godalming near London, England. He visited Eton College and Oxford University. When he left university he started writing for several newspapers and magazines. In 1921 he wrote his first book Crome Yellow. In 1932 the book Brave New World was first published it was followed by more than 45 other books. In 1963 Huxley died of cancer in Hollywood, California, United States of America. The story takes place in Western Europe, especially London in 632 AF. There are some hints in the text that show that AF means Anno Fordii, that means after Henry Ford had produced his first T - Model car, the first mass - produced car in history. So the setting of the story is in about 2540 AD. After 9 years of war and a great economic collapse a World State and a World Society have been established. The world is divided into 10 sections. Each section is controlled by a so-called World Controller, that means the World is completely controlled. Community, Identity and Stability are the motto of the World State. (this is explained later! ). Another fact is, that people are not born any more. They are produced in bottles in so-called Hatchery and Conditioning Centres. In Predestination Centres people get conditioned by sleep-teaching and Electro-shocks till they are 12 years old. As everyone has got a predestinated role, society is divided into different castes. These groups are: Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons. The different groups have different specifications relating to their position and abilities in society. Alphas for example do important work, they are very intelligent and have got high abilities and knowledge. Their bodies are also very strong and nice. Epsilons in contrast are the lowest in hierarchy, they cant read and do hard work. They are the only black-skinned group in World Society.   Now I want to explain the three paroles Community, Identity and Stability which are forced by propaganda like: Everybody belongs to everyone, that means that everybody can have sexual intercourse with everyone in case of using contraceptives. There are no moral duties. (Community)  There is a legalised drug called soma and everybody who has got problems is conditioned to take a dose of soma to become happy again. Everybody who does not conform to the rules, that means who is too individual, will be exiled. People from former times (e. g. our world) live in so-called Savage Reservations. In these reservations people still are born, believe in religion, get married and grow old. Especially ageing is a Horror Vision for Utopian people. So these reservations are strictly separated from Utopias society. 4. Persons: 4. 1 Main Characters: BernhardMarx:  Alpha + (belongs to the highest caste)  physically handicapped (regarded as deformed), but very intelligent  own personality, prefers isolation (in contrast to the other conditioned people)  psychologist ...

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