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Born in respect of tradition but with a modern approach to baking, this incredibly old and yet unexploited technique, the company has grown and diversified its activity, offering both traditional and new products that the Romanian market needed.
The trading company S.C IND BOROMIR Rm. Valcea is founded. The focus of its activity is the acquisition, processing and superior capitalization of grains through its own bakery and pastry stations.
Sibiu Cibin Mill was taken over by the Boromir group and at the end of 2001, S.C. BOROMIR IND Rm. Valcea became majority shareholder. Cibin Mill is equipped with high tech mills that process wheat, durum wheat and maize.
The wheat mill from Buzau was taken over. The mill mainly produces superior flour while being able to produce an entire line of milling and baking products.
1999 - 2002
In this period S.C. Boromir IND Rm. Valcea acquires Comcereal units and focuses on acquiring, storing and capitalizing grains. 
In addition to the three companies, BOROMIR IND RM. VALCEA, BOROMIR PROD SA BUZAU and the SIBIU CIBIL MILL, the Boromir group also holds work points in Deva, Hunedoara, Iasi and Slobozia.
Boromir IND SRL Rm. Valcea
The small wheat mill built in 1994 at Rm Valcea, with a capacity that did not go past 24t per day, was retooled with Buhler and Reggiane machines so that now it has reached a milling capacity of 180t per day. The mill produces mostly superior flours, being able to produce an entire line of milling products. The resulting flour is then used for direct consumption in Boromir bakeries and pastries. Dozens of baking, pastry and confectionery products have been developed over the years, from ingredients of the highest quality, based on unique recipes and using technologies adapted to today's food safety requirements. The company has its own sales network in Rm Valcea.
Boromir IND SRL Rm. Valcea - Deva work point
The wheat mill in Deva was taken over by the Boromir group in January 2002. The mill currently has a milling capacity for wheat of 320t per day, being equipped with a milling line of Buhler machines. The mill produces mainly superior flours while being able to produce an entire line of milling products, respectively : Flour 000, Semiwhite Flour, Dark Flour, wheat germ. The mill also has an assembly line for packing flour in bags of 1kg with a capacity of 20t per day.
Also, Boromir has 2 aother locations: in Sibiu and in Buzau.
Boromir Today
Over the course of 16 years, Boromir has developed in a dynamic rhythm so that today it controls 10% of the milling market in Romania, with a milling capacity of 1500t per day. This is possible due to the acquisition of new milling and baking plants situated in parts of the country that have great development potential : Sibiu, Buzau, Deva, Slobozia also through the upgrade and retooling of all the owned production facilities.
The company owns a network of specialized shops "Boromir Pan Cafe" (shops with surfaces between 50 and 150 square meters), a project launched in 2008, based on the re-branding of the traditional Boromir bakeries already existent in Rm Valcea since the year 1996. 
In Buzau and Rm Sarat operates an independent network of 20 retail shops out of which 16 are situated in Buzau and 4 in Rm Sarat.In addition to these, Boromir owns 3 gas station in Rm Valcea and the Hardwood Sawmill.Out of the total Boromir business, the milling division represents 55% followed by the Sweets and Cakes division that holds 20%, the baking division with 15% and the rest of the activities represented by shops, distribution and gas stations that cover 10% of the business. All of these generated a turnover of 110 mil Euro for the year 2010.
In order to accommodate the needs of today's market and better meet their customers' demands we have developed and diversified their activity so that by combining innovation with tradition, we can offer products that satisfy the highest standards of quality, health and safety.

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