ALDI - Marketing Management Audit

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1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 Background of Company 1
2.0 Task 1 2
2.1 Marketing Audit 2
2.2 SWOT Analysis 2
2.2.1 SOWT Analysis for ALDI 2
3.0 Task 2 6
3.1 Marketing Objective 6
3.2 Marketing Objectives for ALDI 8
4.0 Task 3 9
4.1 Marketing Mix 9
4.2 Importance of Marketing Mix 9
4.3 Marketing Mix of Aldi 10
5.0 Task 4 12
5.1 Customer Service 12
5.2 Recommendations for Improvement of Customer service for Aldi 13
6.0 Conclusion 14
References 15

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1.0 Introduction
Marketing is an essential part of all the business organisation. It is one of the core functions. Marketing is the way through which the needs and wants of the people that identified and satisfied. Marketing management is the way through which all the activities of the marketing are maintained (Kotler, Armstrong, Harris, and He, 2019). In the following report, as Marketing Consultant, a marketing campaign for the Aldi will be prepared, which name is 'Expressing Ourselves.' The duration of the campaign is 12 months. The marketing environment of Aldi will be audited. SWOT analysis will take place, which will demonstrate the internal and external factors of Aldi. After that, the primary objectives of the 'Expressing Ourselves' campaign will be acknowledged. The targets will be SMART objectives. 
1.1 Background of the Company 
Aldi is one of the leading retailers in the U.K. Founded in Essen, Germany, in 1946. Karl and Theo Albrecht are the two brothers who founded it by taking over their mothers' shop. Its headquarters is at Essen, Germany. It is in the 5th position as the top retailers of the U.K. based with 8.1% market share (U.K.: supermarket market share 2019 | Statista, 2020). It has more than 11000 stores in more than 20 countries. 
2.0 Task 1
2.1 Marketing Audit
Marketing is unique to the core tasks of every organisation. Philip Kotler, who is known as the father of the marketing defined marketing as the process which satisfies the need and wants of the people by exchanging goods and services with its monetary value. The entire marketing process consists of some specific activities. Such as determining customers' needs and desires, preparing the offering to satisfy the requirements of the clients, communicate the offering, and analysing the competitors (Kotler, Armstrong, Harris and He, 2019).
To execute the marketing process, Aldi needs to develop a marketing plan, and a market audit is an essential part of a marketing plan. Marketing audit represents a detailed, systematic study, review, and understanding of the company marketing environment. It also analyses priorities, objectives, tactics, concepts for recognising the problematic areas and opportunities. It proposes an action plan to enhance the marketing efficiency of the company (Groucutt, Leadley and Forsyth, 2004). There are many marketing Audit tools available for Aldi to use, such as SWOT evaluation, PESTEL examination, Porter's five forces model (Baker, 2001). The SWOT analysis used to audit the market of Aldi to help it develop a marketing campaign 'Expressing Ourselves.' 
2.2 SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is one of the standard tools used by the manager to analyse the situation. It provides a framework to determines strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of an organisation which indicates the competitive position of a company and helps to prepare the strategy based on the findings (Thompson, Strickland, Gamble and Peteraf, 2019). It analyses the inside and outside factors of the company to determine the current and future potentials. Using it, Aldi can overcome the challenges and identify the new opportunities to pursue. One of the significant objectives of SWOT analysis is to assist the company in making the decisions.

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