A Trip To Germany

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In 2004 me and my parents went in a trip to Germany. There we visited few of the most attractive places. Our dining experiences were some of the most enjoyable times we had in Germany. We decided early in the trip to spend a while each day searching out The Place. We defined The Place as the most authentic, most German restaurant possible. This meant that most of the time we walked for an hour or two far outside places normally traveled by tourists, searching side alleys for an out-of-the-way, obscure little sign indicating an eating establishment. This was extremely effective, and we had some of the best food and service we have ever had. Even in Heidelberg, a completely touristy city, we found The Place. It was a tiny little place in the second story of a building halfway down an alley. Its name is The Schnitzelbank. All of the other customers were German. The service was good, and the food was awesome. Another time, me and my parents pulled off the Autobahn (highway) in the middle of nowhere. We drove several kilometers away from the Autobahn and found a little, tiny town.
In that town we found a small bar/restaurant. Inside, there was a man serving drinks to his friends at the bar. It turned out that he was the bartender, the waiter, the cook, the busboy, and the owner all rolled into one. Even though he was completely alone, every time a glass was empty he was there asking us if we wanted another drink. Since this was deep in southern Germany, his dialect was thick enough that we had trouble understanding him, but we muddled through. The service was great and the food was very good.
After dinner, the owner came back and asked us why we were in the area. He asked if we were working somewhere nearby. He just couldnt quite understand why three Romanians would be sitting in his tiny restaurant in his tiny town!
In German restaurants, the most common meat is pork, followed by beef and sausages (many different types of sausages). They serve many meat and starch type meals. Most meals also come with a salad. Each restaurant has one type of salad dressing. So, unless you ask for a salad without dressing, you get the house dressing. What I find most interesting about their restaurants is their policy on how long you can stay at a table. They dont care. You can stay at your table all night if you want. If you break out cards after your meal and spend the next several hours playing, they wont come and throw you out. As a matter of fact, if you call ahead of time and reserve a table, they will not seat anyone at that table any time during the evening. Its your table! They feel so strongly about this, they will not bring your check until you specifically ask for it. The first time we went to a restaurant, we werent sure how to ask for the check. So instead, we told the waitress that we were finished. She still didnt bring the check over. We then told her we were ready to pay and she got the hint.
While German food tastes very, very good ...

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