The Expansion of the Services for Enterprises in Romania

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The real recuperative process of the gaps can be sustainable and durative only under the conditions of a real convergence which considers that making compatible the economical structure with the one of the other European country has priority. 
As opposed to the industrial sector, where the structural convergence is in a continuous process of development, having a satisfactory intensity, the tertiary sector doesn't enjoy the same privileges, being able to find here the biggest gap from a macro-economic point of view.
It is well-known the fact that the services' sector is the most important sector of the global economy, in a continuous positive dynamic. In this sector is concentrated the biggest part of the production and the work force from the vast majority of the developed enterprises. For example, two thirds of the total aggregated production from the OECD countries corresponds to the services' activities. In the case of the active work force attracted by the tertiary sector in these countries, we can say that it represents 70%. In the case of the EU 15 countries also, we come across this situation.
The evolution of the tertiary sector has at its basis some aspects, namely:
- the major transformations in what concerns the sectorial structure of the economy of the East-European countries,
- with a significant increase of the GIP (PIB),
- the positive evolution of the number of work positions,
- the intensification of the international commerce.
Even though, there are and persist gaps of the developed countries given by the ones developing, but also between the countries in transition in what concerns the role and the performances of the services' sector.
The structure of the services in the gross incidental value in Romania and the European Union
On the whole of the European Union we can observe that the structure of the gross incidental value is realized as follows: 
- the services participate with over 72%,
- the industry contributes with circa 20%,
- the constructions (6%)
- the agriculture with less than 2 percents.
Schematically, these ones can be represented as follows:
If we refer to the evolution of this sector in Romania, we can affirm that significant progresses were registered. Even though, there are some gaps when compared to the EU countries. If 17 years ago the tertiary sector contributed to the realization of the gross incidental value with only 30 %, in 2006, this contribution was situated at over 55%. For a more detailed image of the differences between Romania and the European Union, we present the following table:
The structure of the gross incidental value in Romania and the EU in 2006
Table no.1
Sector Romania European Union
Agriculture 9.6 1,9
Industry 27,2 20,6
Constructions 7,2 6,0
Services 56,0 71,5
Source: The National Statistics Institute
In the last 10 years, in Romania predominantly developed the services with an increased infusion of incidental value as the mobile telephony, cable television, banking and insurance services, informatics and the interfacing activities, consultancy services, advertising, etc., and the lunge made by the tertiary sector is spectacular. But at the level of the European Union, in 2005, Romania situates itself on one of the last positions from the point of view of the heft of the services in the gross incidental value. This aspect can be observed in the classification realized on the basis of the Eurostat data presented hereinafter:

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