The Evolution of Real Transactions in Romania

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The real market in Romania is still in its pursuit and settlement phase. However, there are a series of premises that prefigure a promising future. From these premises, some more evident would be : 
- At the present time in our country there is an unsatisfied demand of dwellings, demand constituted especially by youngsters;
- In order to handle this demand the Romanian Government and ANL launched and unreeled a series of projects of construction of dwellings; 
- In the last few years on the Romanian market appeared a series of multinational and/or transnational firms, a lot of sub-companies and branches of some big foreign firms opened. They came with a strong demand for real location, for offices especially;
- Recently, in our country as well, the number of real agencies began to take proportion, sign of a reorientation of the Romanians towards the kind of real transaction in the detriment of the trite classified ad announcement from the newspapers;
- The appearance and the extension of the new residential neighborhoods, some luxurious, especially in the vicinity of the capital, constitutes a sign of the development of the real market in our country, and, implicitly, of the real transactions and the assimilated services' branch.
The real market is a concept that brings together in a certain place not only all the existent real offers, but also the totality of the carried out transactions. The offers can be divided in three sections : sales, purchases and rentals. All these aim at the apartments, the houses, the plots of land and the headquarters for the offices.
The real investments in Romania are in a certain development as it happens with the rest of Europe too. The amounts of money circulated in these real businesses are of a milliards of euro nature. More precisely, the statistics say that in 2006 in Europe 33 milliards more, than in the precedent year, were invested in the immovable.
According to a report realized by the Colliers International consulting company, Romania is present with five real transactions in the top of the countries from Europe's, Middle Orient's and Africa's ( EMEA ) region where the biggest taking-overs were concluded in the first six months of this year.
The five transactions from Romania got to a total of 480 million euros, while the real acquisitions from the region were of almost 22 milliards euros, as the report shows.
As number of transactions, from the 34 states, that were taken into consideration at the realization of the classification, only in Great Britain were realized more real property taking-overs than in Romania. The Englishmen entered top 50 with 6 taking-overs, but the amounts of money transactioned were, however, a lot bigger, reaching the value of 5,1 milliards euros. France and Russia recorded the same number of transactions as Romania, but the volume of the investments was of almost 3,5 milliards euros and respectively 488 millions euros.
The recent studies realized in the real domain took into consideration the pursuit o some aspects like : 
- the increase of the economic level and the implications in the social plan,
- the identification of the key-zones of real development, 
- the evolution of the prices of the plots of land,
- and the creation of particular construction neighborhoods that ( for the first time on the real market ) will benefit of the comfort generated by the infrastructure and the systematization of the vicinity.
The real consulting firms from Romania are based on the attention given to details in the sphere of development, on the efficiency, on the economy and on the innovations in the engineering domain. The services of these firms became more and more necessary and recorded outstanding results by offering professional services because, through their research program and due to their access to correct and actual information regarding the real market, can provide a complete range of consultation services in the domain of the development.
The investment opportunities in Romania are numerous. This fact is proved by the following situations : the existence of more plots of land real undeveloped, intravilan spaces with an increasing potential for the construction of offices, the small prices of the buildings as compared with the rest of Europe and last, but not least Romania's adherence to UE this year. In 2006, in Romania 26 millions of euros were invested for commercial constructions in which there are luxurious offices. The statistics sustain that this business will develop in 2007.
The commercial spaces built in the last few years are occupied in a proportion of almost 99 %. The influx of new firms that appear makes the demand bigger than the offer.
Referring to the evolution of the real transactions' services, we could say that the total value of the real transactions from Europe will be placed in 2007 at the level of 236 milliards euros, similar to the level obtained in 2006, when a total of 235 milliards euros was recorded. For 2008, is estimated to reach a level of 210 milliards euros, this tendency of reduction to be continued in the next 10 years too, as a consequence of the more and more complicated financing conditions. A reduction of the value of the residential properties on the markets where the acquisition costs for dwellings increased a lot is prognosticated.
We can observe a paradox in the evolution of the real transactions in Romania ( and not the only one ), namely : in the conditions in which the transactions realized on the real market are fewer, the prices are bigger. From a single glimpse at the classified ad announcements, we can observe that the value of the old dwellings is considerable, even though the transactions in the real domain registered a tendency of reduction. According to some information offered by the Public Notary National Union from Romania and rediscovered in all specialty newspapers, in 2007 ( January,01- September,30 ) 369.482 real transactions were concluded at the national level, number that includes transactions with free plots of land, plots of land with constructions and apartment houses.

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