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Expert System for Mitigating Erosion
Author : Lariyah Mohd Sidek
Publisher: EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2009
ISBN: 1450-216X
In this paper, a concise review on the history and application of artificial
intelligence and expert system is presented. A review of the effect of erosion and
sedimentation that are associated with construction activities on the adjacent water bodies is also presented. The various considerations that must be dealt with in order to ensure a sound and systematic environment for expert system development is also presented. The main features of the development of an artificial intelligence expert system for mitigating ersion and sedimentation during construction activities to the adjacent water bodies were also taken in to consideration in this paper.
The building of highways, bridges, streets, houses and so on is a commonly encountered construction activity in all over the world. Construction activities are mostly earthmoving operations that disturb several square miles of undisturbed land areas depending on construction area, affecting the surrounding air and generating noise and vibration. The disturbed areas that associated with highway
construction activities can act as nonpoint source pollution during storm event to the adjacent water bodies. Erosion and sediment and other control practices have a significant role in reducing the impacts of this nonpoint source pollution. Soil erosion is a major environmental problem world wide. On a worldwide basis, soil erosion rates are highest in Asia, Africa, and South America, averaging 30 to 40 tons ha-1 year-1, and lowest in United States and The development of expert systems, which are also known as knowledge-based systems, has been between the most significant research areas in artificial intelligence during the last few decades. In sixties the developing of an intelligent system had began but the first successful expert system had been achieved during the early seventies. Examples of these are MYCIN in which it is considered by experts to be the first large expert system of a new generation
of programs with the ability to make inferences, give explanations and behave like human expert. It was designed to aid physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of meningitis and bacteremia infections. PROSPECTOR is a descendant of MYCIN and was designed for the geologist's consultation in the early stages of investigating a site for ore-grade deposits [9]. At first the Europe, averaging about 17 tons/ha/ year.
Knowledge engineering process begins with the analysis of the domain tasks. Task analysis is a methodology tool that can be used to describe the functions of expert performs in solving the problems and to determine the relation of each task to the overall job. The results of the analysis are used to determine the subsequent strategy, methodology and techniques employed for prototype development.
Reviewed by :
Botoc Alex
Prototip de sisteme expert SEAC are ca obiective acordarea de credite unor persoane fizice sau juridice.
Damian V. Catalina Cristina
Starting text:
Prototipul de sistem expert acordare de credite este realizat in programul Exsys Pro16.
Primul pas este identificarea elementelor de baza ale prototipului de sistem expert si transpunerea lor in mediul EXSYS Professional.
Ending text:
Atentie! Se afiseaza rezultatele.
1. Scopuri (Choices):
-Acordarea creditelor;
-Neacordarea creditelor;
2. Calificatori (Qualifiers):
a. Are contract de munca pe o durata de cel putin 5 ani? 
b. Are vechime la actualul loc de munca de minimum 3 luni consecutive? 
c. Garantiile sunt 
d. Are restante la plata altor angajamente? 
3. Variabile: Venitul lunar (VL)
IF: Are contracte de munca pe o durata de cel putin 5 ani? DA
and Are vechime la actualul loc de munca de minimum 3 luni consecutive? DA
and Garantiile sunt Suficiente
and Are restante la plata altor angajamente? DA
and VL>2000
THEN: Neacordarea creditului.
IF: Are contracte de munca pe o durata de cel putin 5 ani? DA
and Are vechime la actualul loc de munca de minimum 3 luni consecutive? DA
and Garantiile sunt Suficiente.

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