Principles of Regional Development Policy

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Reviewing the Concept
-> Regional development policy is an ensemble of measures planned and promoted by the local and central public administration authorities, having as partners different actors (private, public, volunteers) in order to ensure a dynamic and lasting economic growth, through the effective use of the local and regional potential, in order to improve living conditions.
Brief history 
The beginning of the regional development policy can be dated 60 years ago in UK , when the Laws for Special Areas (1934, 1937) were given with the following objectives: -> rehabilitation of industrial areas affected by the high levels of unemployment.
A few years later (1957) The Rome Treaty asked the European community (6 member states) to ensure an equal development between regions and help the undeveloped ones reach a certain standard (from an economic point of view)
The need for a solid and unified economy became real in 1958 together with the birth of the European Social Fund , which was the main instrument of the social policy in the community. It's main activity was oriented towards the improvement of the labor market and reintegration of the unemployed on this market 
Legal framework->of the regional policy
is detailed in the 17 Title of the European Union Treaty , where the main objective of the regional policy and the principles that guide this policy are defined. In addition there is the Council Regulation which provides the legal framework of the Structural Funds.
IN 1988, there were 4 principles that the elaboration and the application of the development policies were based on:
Planning -> the expenses for a certain period of time (no of years) in view of attaining the established strategic objectives and more cohesion in the financed projects
Partnership-> among all those involved in the area of regional development 
Concentration -> funds are oriented towards regions that need them the most 
Additionallity (complementarity)-> the financial help given by the UE should be added to the national internal financing and not replace it. For each objective the member stated must maintain their public expenses at the same level as in the previous period.

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