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Random Access Memory (RAM)
Temporary memory that stores bytes of data and program instructions for the processor to access.
Primary storage area in a computer for programs and data.
Random Access Memory (RAM)
Too little or too low quality RAM can result in poor computer performance.
RAM is installed in a computer to match the computer processor's abilities.
Most operating systems require at least 1 GB to run smoothly.
Random Access Memory (RAM)
The CPU, or computer processing unit, works closely with the RAM to run software applications.
RAM capacities in new computers range from 1 GB to 4 GB.
Front side bus (FSB) consists of electronic pathways that connect the CPU and the RAM.
Random Access Memory (RAM)
Made up of sets of chips grouped together on a circuit board.
Single in-line memory module (SIMM)
Dual in-line memory module (DIMM)
Most modern PCs use DIMM, because it has a 64 bit data path, twice the amount of a SIMM.
Random Access Memory (RAM)
New computers typically have two of the four RAM slots occupied by DIMMs, with the remaining two left for added memory expansion.
Located in slots in the motherboard near the CPU.
Types of RAM
Each type of RAM is a newer faster upgrade of the previous version.
Today's Computers use DDR-SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, DDR3 SDRAM.
DDR2 doubles speed of DDR, DDR3 doubles it again.
Determining Your RAM
First, you need to know your computer's memory type, and the speed you need.
There are two ways you can determine this:
Opening up your computer, 
and physically looking inside.
Downloading a program to 
search for that information.
How to Upgrade Your RAM
If you have an empty RAM slot on your motherboard, you can purchase another and add it. 
You need to know your computer's capacity, so that you do not put in more memory than it can hold.
If it is already filled to capacity, you need to remove one and replace it with a bigger memory module.

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