Michael Jackson The King Of Pop

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Michael Jackson was in born August 29th, 1958 in Gary, Indiana (USA), as the seventh of nine children born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson.
Katherine worked part-time in a local department store. Joseph was a steel-mill worker, but had always dreamed of having a musical career. Joseph and his band, The Falcons, frequently rehearsed in the living-room of the four-room house on Jackson Street in Gary. As the children grew older, Joseph and Katherine became increasingly uneasy with the dangers of allowing their children to run the streets of Gary. They were very strict parents and did not allow the kids to play with other neighbourhood kids. But they encouraged them to be interested in music as a pastime. The four older boys (Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon) began to imitate their father s singing. Michael joined the group at the age of five and then he had his first solo at a school program at the age of six. Even then, he possessed a voice that brought his teachers to tears. The Jackson 5 performed in local clubs and shopping malls and talent shows. Eventually, they came to the attention of Berry Gordy, the famous founder of the Motown Sound. Berry recognised the groups potential and Michael Jackson became a professional entertainer. He was nine years old. During their tenure with Motown Records, the Jackson 5 recorded and released the following albums: 1974: Dancing Machine 1974: Get It Together 1975: Moving Violation 1976: The Best of (Sampler) 1976: Joyful Jukebox Music 1979: Jackson Five (Sampler) Michael Jackson at Motown Records: In addition to recording with his brothers, Michael recorded the following solo albums with Motown Records: 1972: Got To Be There 1972: Ben 1973: Music And Me 1975: Forever Michael The Jacksons: In 1976, the Jackson 5 left Motown Records, because, in Michael s words, We didn t like the way we were being recorded.
Though 16-year-old Michael had met with Berry Gordy to request approval to write and produce their own music, Berry refused to allow the Jacksons this freedom. Eventually, the brothers signed with EPIC Records.
However, Jermaine remained with Motown. He was replaced by Michael s youngest brother, Randy, both on stage and in the recording studio. The Jacksons first two EPIC releases were produced by Gamble and Huff, except for two tracks each, which were written and produced by the Jacksons.
They are: 1976: Jacksons 1977: Goin Places All the tracks on these albums were written and produced by The Jacksons: 1978: Destiny 1980: Triumph 1981: Live 1984: Victory 1989: 2300 Jackson Street Michael Jackson at EPIC Records: In 1979, Michael started as the Scarecrow in The Wiz with Diana Ross. During the filming, he renewed his old acquaintanceship with Quincy Jones. Later, they would join forces to make musical history repeatedly. With Quincy as producer, Michael recorded: 1979: Off The Wall ...

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